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06 Feb

Green Fairy Frenzy….

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Ive had some wonderful lifestyle PR clients over the years, but working with my new London arts & cultural tours client ‘Artscapes’ has been a real blast!

We helped Art History UK rebrand as ‘Artscapes’ – launching a brand new website, along with a fantastic new range of ‘art shots’ or one-off arts experiences – kicking off with ‘Van Gogh’s Britain & The Green Fairy‘.

The event: Join them for an evening of art and alcohol to celebrate the opening of Tate’s new blockbuster exhibition, ‘Van Gogh and Britain’. Vincent Van Gogh spent a short but incredibly influential time in London between 1873-76, a city he grew to love deeply, being inspired by British art, literature and culture, notably the novels of Charles Dickens.

Against this backdrop, you will step back in time to explore the London which Van Gogh inhabited. We know Van Gogh enjoyed to drink, and even relied on it to ease his artistic process and torment. So, as their art historian tells the story of Van Gogh and his impressions of London, their drinks expert will have you tasting the drinks that were drunk in the bars and pubs he would have visited. You’ll start with a nod to the cafes of Paris by trying the infamous absinthe so beloved by artists, before moving to London where gin was the drink for the poor and working classes. You’ll taste some variations of this ‘filthy’ drink as well as trying some beer, and also a rum punch, so favoured by characters in Dickens novels.

A raucous way to learn about this great artist and how Britain held a certain allure for him, and we think he would have approved. Indeed he said himself that “…the only thing to bring ease and distraction, in my case and other people’s too, is to stun oneself with a lot of drinking ….”


19 Jan

Veganuary Top Tips

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So, you’ve committed to try veganism for January (or Veganuary as its been renamed!), only to realise that its more than just your diet that needs re-inventing…

Step forward Pravera Direct the healthy lifestyle website that specialises in selling certified natural, organic and vegan skincare, beauty & lifestyle products – who have collated a wide selection of vegan-certified products for those wishing to give veganism a try.  
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13 Oct

The Cult of Halloween

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Halloween, which has often failed to entice Britain’s into the same frenzy of America, is in the process of a renaissance. Interest in cultural celebrations have given profile to a variety of world festivals, many focused on honouring passed loved ones. From Cambodia’s Ancestors Day, Pchum Ben, to Brazil’s, Dia de Finados, and Mexico’s famous, Dia de los Muertos. Halloween, far from just carved pumpkins and apple bobbing, offers a rewarding insight into the heritage of our world’s continents.

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24 Mar

Easter…How do you, eat yours?

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So, its nearly Easter and with over 80 million Easter eggs sold in the UK each year and sales at Easter time, equating to 10% of the UK’s chocolate spending for the whole year – many of us now associate the holiday with a bumper crop of bank holidays and chocolate coated calories…
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17 Mar

Lucky Talisman Jewellery

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Its St Patrick’s Day and we’re feeling the lucky of the Irish rubbing off on us! From the Four Leaf Clover to the ever-popular Hamsa Hand, we’ve decided to look into the superstitions and original beliefs behind some well-known, lucky talisman jewellery…

THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER – Formed of three heart shaped leaves, the Shamrock is the lucky emblem of St Patrick’s Day (alongside the traditional Leprechaun of course). Its name originates from the Irish term Seamróg that has morphed over the centuries into the modern day term. Similar to the traditional Shamrock, the Four Leaf Clover is often mistaken for the iconic St Patrick’s Day signifier.  Each of the four leaves represent an element of good will – said to bring the holder Faith, Hope, Love & Luck, whilst also helping to ward off evil, witchcraft & bad omens. But beware, the luck of the clover is said to disappear if it is passed to another person, so be sure not to let it out of your sight!

LUNAR & SOLAR – Often depicted in delicate tattoos; Sun & Moon symbols are often used without full knowledge of their links to good fortune. The Sun is generally associated with the Fraternal, whilst the moon is a key Maternal symbol, with links to a female goddess. Solar symbols are also thought to represent rebirth, strength & power with the circular forms making reference to the concept of the circle of life. If the Lunar & Solar Symbols are merged together, it can represent the combining of opposites, showing compromise instead of conflict.

THE HAND OF FAMITA – With variations of the symbol used in Muslim & Jewish cultures, the Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima has been globally adapted as a symbol of good luck. The Evil Eye, often found at the base of the palm, is thought to protect you from evil spirits according to folklore superstitions. Widely regarded as a sign that brings the owner good luck, happiness, health & good fortune, Hamsa’s are often found on pendant necklaces & delicate charm bracelets.

Image Credits: 1/2/3/5/6/8 London Road Jewellery 1&5. Tamarzizt 7. Jamie London 

13 Mar

A Brief History of the Harajuku Girls

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We’ve all heard the Gwen Stefani waxing lyrical about the Harajuku Girls and the Japanese street style that sees living dolls channel their comic book heroes. But where did it all begin and how much do we really know about the history of this quirky style phenomenon..?
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20 Feb

Leap Year Love Shacks….

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So its a Leap Year….and tradition has it that ladies who are bored of waiting should seize the day and propose to their loved ones.  
But where to do it?  The local boozer doesn’t really cut it on these occassions, so how about booking into one of these ‘Leap Year Love Shacks’ in Rome, Paris or Lisbon – all for under £100 per night?

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08 Feb

Accessorising the New Season…

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We can always rely on Spring trends as the much needed reminder that Summer is around the corner and a new wardrobe beckons, as Winter’s darker tones gratefully transition into this seasons’ brights, stripes and florals…. But, for those on a budget, a new season doesn’t have to mean an entirely new wardrobe (though we wouldn’t blame you for trying!) – a few carefully placed accessories can be enough to lift your look.   So, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite jewellery pieces to match the SS16 season…

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