Veganuary Top Tips

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Ben & Anna, Veganuary

So, you’ve committed to try veganism for January (or Veganuary as its been renamed!), only to realise that its more than just your diet that needs re-inventing…

Step forward Pravera Direct the healthy lifestyle website that specialises in selling certified natural, organic and vegan skincare, beauty & lifestyle products – who have collated a wide selection of vegan-certified products for those wishing to give veganism a try.  Our favourites include:

Deodrants from Ben & Anna – A range of natural soda deodorants created by strict vegan couple Ben & Anna. The unisex deodrants are based solely on all natural ingredients, are free of parabens and vegan certified

Body care from Fair Squared – FAIR SQUARED offers body care products and condoms made from natural, fairly traded ingredients as well as being Vegan Society and PeTA approved. The range includes shower gels,  liquid soap, body butter, hand cream and condoms

Face care from Primavera – Primavera produce a wide range of luxury natural, organic and vegan certified face care products based on natural aromatherapy oils which give you a perfectly fragranced range for skin and senses.

Hair care from Khadi – Khadi is an Ayurvedic hair care range that is vegan & natural/organic certified. Made with natural ingredients and blended according to the ancient principles of Ayurveda, the organic certified shampoos from Khadi complement its range of all-natural hair colours to provide hair with strength, vitality and bounce.

Oral Health from Organii – Organii organic and vegan certified Aloe Mouthwash with Eucalyptus provides great oral hygiene, fresh breath and with the help of aloe vera removes bad bacteria.

Personal hygiene from Organyc – Organyc’s sanitary products which are certified vegan and organic include; organic slim-line pads and tampons, made with ultra-soft organic cotton that allows your skin to breath.

Household cleaning and laundry from Sodasan – Sodasan eco-friendly and ecologically sound cleaning products include; laundry detergents, household cleaners and dishwashing products, which are all certified vegan as being certified by Ecocert.

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