AMEŌN’s 3-step ‘Cryo ritual’ was pioneered by Founder Alina Mehrle, who at the age of 30 was diagnosed with breast cancer. The ravages of 8 rounds of chemotherapy left her skin vulnerable and dehydrated and the available skincare products did nothing to revive and restore her fragile skin. It was her oncologist who then recommended cryotherapy – a form of cold therapy that uses low temperatures to rejuvenate and revitalize the body.


Cryotherapy not only helped heal Alina’s skin but also inspired her to work with leading scientists for over 2 years to develop an elevated ‘at-home’ skin-icing practice.  By fusing together a harmonious blend of clean ingredients, healing mineral energy and biotech magic, AMEŌN’s revolutionary 3 step programme was born.
AMEŌN skincare AMEŌN skincare AMEŌN skincare AMEŌN skincare
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