Palais Faraj & Spa

Palais Faraj & Spa is a 19th century Moroccan palace majestically perched on a Fez hilltop with breathtaking views
 of the 12 centuries old Medina, just a few minutes walk away. The Palais originally belonged to a rich family of land owners and was restored by Mr Jean Babtist Barian – one of the best architects in Moorish-Andalusian Architecture, and former architect and interior designer to King Hassan II. Restored over a 5 year period by the best experts in Moorish art, architecture, interior designer and the best craftsman in wood, tiles, plaster, and bronze the reformed Palais has resulted in 25 stunning suites, 2 Restaurants, 2 Bars & an Oriental Spa, pool and one of the best views in town…

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