Welcome Design Storeys!

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Our latest client – Design Storey is an inclusive, sustainable and eco-focused interior design service – optimised for home health and wellbeing.

Design Storeys interior design service offers remote and on-site services, that range from a 1hr ‘design clinic’ to fixed rate room packages and full house renovations.  The design service was initially devised to cater for the growing number of clients who now have a more home-based lifestyle which they want to enhance – following more sustainable and eco-friendly design considerations.

Design Storeys do this by creating concepts that, where possible, champion the use of low VOC materials , as well as sustainable, locally-made and environmentally-friendly materials & products.  Their designs are also influenced by biophilic design principles, which incorporate natural tones, textures, light and plants to help strengthen our innate connection with nature – which in turn helps to elevate our mood, wellbeing and indoor air quality.

From room revamps to full house renovations.  Design Storeys offers 3 fixed design packages, priced per room and bespoke quotes for larger projects and full house renovations.  The remote service is available nationwide and ‘at home’ consultations cover London & East Sussex.

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